Drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1 to 14 years old.  For that reason, individuals swimming in pools, lakes, or rivers, need to be supervised at all times, especially children.

Drowning is SILENT. Victims do not have time/energy to yell for help or make splashing noises when they are trying to fight for air. Active Drowning looks similar to play, especially for children. Lifeguards are trained to spot the difference.  Drowning happens quickly in as little as 20-60 seconds. Even experienced swimmers are at risk for drowning.  If you can swim in a pool or lake that has certified lifeguards – that is always the preferred option.

Water wings, inner-tubes, floatation devices, and goggles that cover the nose, are rarely allowed in public swimming pools because they INCREASE the RISK of drowning.

  • Water wings (the inflatable tubes you put around a child’s arms) prohibit proper swimming technique. They and other flotation devices easily deflate. They provide the parent with a false sense of security and parents do not provide as close of supervision.
  • Goggles that cover the nose create a seal to prevent water from coming in, but children do not know how wear these properly.  When the seal breaks, water rushes in and children drown because they do not have the reflexes to act quickly enough. Instead, we recommend eye only goggles and separate nose plugs.

If you choose to swim in a private pool, set rules and boundaries for use.  Have a discussion with your children about safety and teach them how to recognize an emergency and call 911.

Lastly, enroll in swim lessons.  The Faulkton Pool offers high quality lessons teach swimming skills and have a strong focus on safety. These are offered for all ages and abilities. Jump on over to the City of Faulkton Facebook page to see dates, times. Learning to swim may save a life.

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