Our History

The Foundation was established in 2004 and after a major fundraising campaign in 2006 was able to furnish additional equipment, upgrade technology, and establish an endowment for the benefit of both the hospital and the clinic.

To this day, the Foundation serves as a vital component in the success of Faulkton Area Medical Center’s mission. Over time, the Foundation has purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of medical equipment.

How to support the Foundation:

Pictured are the current FAMC Foundation board members: Blythe Smith, Michelle Pudwill, Chelsea Odden, Heather Bode, Kelly Ortmeier, Kelli Rhodes, Beverly Fischer, Jami Huss, MaKenzie Sindelar.


Memorials can be given in any amount to the FAMC Foundation in memory or honor of a loved one. All gifts are acknowledged on a name plate on the Donor Wall or written in the Book of Friends. To mail donations, send to: FAMC Foundation, P.O. Box 100, Faulkton, SD 57438.

Give Monetarily:

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Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew Scholarship

The Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew Scholarship continues to seek pledges to meet the challenge set forth by the Bartholomews to qualify for matching funds of $50,000. This scholarship fund will be used to recruit and retain a physician to serve our community for years to come. Our goal is for the scholarship to become a perpetual funding source that continues to grow and secure the future of FAMC for years to come. The Foundation’s 2022 goal of raising $50,000 to receive matching funds is just the start! Please consider making a one-time donation or a pledge spread out over five years or less to continue to help keep the community of Faulkton vibrant and healthy. As a community, we are fortunate to have medical care and professionals right here in Faulkton; most citizens of small communities must travel miles to get simple medical care. Continuing to have the hospital we have in our community, keeps millions of dollars in jobs and economic benefits in the Faulkton area. We are indeed fortunate, but we must continue to be proactive.

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Hunting For A Doc

Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket, R&R Pheasant Hunting for donating binoculars for an additional prize, and a huge thank you goes to Deiter Farms for donating their land to hunt. All proceeds went towards the Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew Scholarship. A congratulations to our winners!

The grand prize winner was Bev King of King Insurance!

Our other winners were Paul Nieber who won the Yeti cooler and Yeti camp chairs, Maven binoculars went to CHS, Slade Roseland and Steve Roseland won the spotting scope, and Deiter Farms received the luggage.

Focus on the Foundation:

The Faulkton Area Medical Center Foundation was formed in 2004 when the hospital was built. Over the years the Foundation has done fundraising in many ways; but we wanted to share some ideas for donations that maybe you hadn’t thought of yet.

When you or your family make the decision to donate to the Foundation, there are many different options, other than a cash donation.

  • Donations of land, grain, or cattle can be made to the Foundation.  When you donate land, the Foundation can lease it out to farmers to create a continuous revenue source for the Foundation.
  • Families may also choose to do memorials in the event of a loved one’s death.
  • Consider donating to the Foundation when you are required to begin taking your minimum distributions from your IRA(s) each calendar year.

Remember when donating to the Foundation you have the option to have it applied to the general fund or the new Dr. Kenneth and Twyla Bartholomew Scholarship fund. Yearly contributions can also be set up.  Please contact Kelly Ortmeier at 605-598-1144 if you have any questions, would like to set up an appointment for discussion, or to make a donation.  Contact your accountant or tax preparer if you have any tax related questions.

The Faulkton Area Medical Center along with the Foundation would like to thank all past, current, and future donors. With your support, we can continue providing the best care to Faulkton and the surrounding area!

In our past Focus on the Foundations we have talked about the history and purpose of the Faulkton Area Medical Center Foundation, what it means for Faulkton Area Medical Center to be a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) and Rural Health Clinic (RHC), and the role that a medical doctor plays in a CAH and RHC; this month share a bit about how FAMC has already started and will continue to develop a plan for recruiting a medical doctor. 

When the time comes to actively search for a MD/DO FAMC will explore multiple avenues for recruitment.  Ads for a medical doctor will not only be posted in various newspapers and social media; FAMC will also contact various national medical organizations to post the opportunity on their job boards. In addition, we will promote the positives of rural living, our South Dakota lifestyle, and all that FAMC and the Faulkton area have to offer to pique a candidate’s interest. 

Currently Dr. Bartholomew started some discussions to raise awareness to 15 medical schools from Utah to Michigan regarding what Faulkton has to offer and the potential for scholarship.  These discussions have been well received by the schools. Dr. Bartholomew has been able to meet with a few Deans and they are excited to share the opportunity with their students.

Our “Focus on the Foundation” for the month of April, we are going to focus in on what a medical doctor and Medical Director does here at Faulkton Area Medical Center (FAMC).  FAMC is fortunate to have a variety of care providers on our medical staff team; we have two physician assistants, one certified nurse practitioner, one family nurse practitioner, and two medical doctors.  

Providing patient care is the main reason that we have our medical doctors on staff.  The ability for FAMC to provide quality health care that achieves the best health for those we serve.  Our medical doctors perform a wide variety of services from well-child checks, annual examinations, medication monitoring, post operative care, diagnostic care, lesion removals, emergency medicine, and endoscopic care.  

 Supervisory roles are another key element that medical doctors play in rural hospitals, as many critical access hospital and rural health clinics have advanced practice providers.  It is essential t to have a physician to provide oversight and mentorship to those providers.  

The medical director role has numerous administrative duties within the organization that extend beyond patient care.  Duties include working with leadership to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare across the board at FAMC.  They oversee the medical staff and are involved with policy development and maintenance as well as compliance, infection control, quality improvement and state and federal regulations.  

While all the positions that we have within our organization play a role in how we can offer quality care to our patients, we do need medical doctors.  FAMC’s vision is for our community to achieve optimal health through unparalleled compassion, service, and trust.

The Faulkton Area Medical Center holds a designation of Critical Access Hospital (CAH) from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).  To be considered as an eligible hospital, hospitals must meet the following conditions to obtain CAH designation: have 25 or fewer acute care inpatient beds, be located more than 35 miles from another hospital, maintain an annual average length of stay of 96 hours or less for acute care patients, and provide 24/7 emergency services.  The status of CAH does not mean that fewer services can be offered compared to other facilities. 

Our clinic has a designation of a Rural Health Clinic (RHC); which means that our clinic is located in a rural area that is designated as a shortage area. Currently, there are about 4,500 RHCs nationwide providing primary care and preventive health services in underserved rural areas. Approved providers for an RHC include medical doctors, doctor of osteopathy, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, clinical psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers.  Rural Health Clinic visits must be medically necessary; medical or mental health visits, qualified preventive health visits, or face-to-face visits between the patient and RHC practitioner.  

FAMC is proud to be part of the Faulkton community.  Our facility can provide a wide range of services from primary care to end-of-life services.  Our providers are all family medicine practitioners some with home health and hospice certifications.  With a variety of services offered we can provide well-child examinations with immunizations, medication monitoring, diabetic education, rehabilitative therapy services, annual examinations, DOT physicals, skilled nursing services, infusion therapy, and chemotherapy administration.  

Since the development of the FAMC Foundation, the hospital and clinic has continued to provide services and expand with their financial support.  Your donations to the FAMCF allow us the opportunities to support the purchases of state-of-the-art equipment so that we can provide quality healthcare that achieves the best health for those we serve.  

Faulkton Area Medical Center’s vision is for our community to achieve optimal health through unparalleled compassion, service, and trust.

Fast forward to 2022, the Foundation has partnered with Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew in fundraising efforts for a scholarship to someday award to a medical student interested in family practice and rural medicine. It is our hope that with this scholarship, FAMC can recruit a medical doctor when the need arises. 

With this partnership, the Bartholomew’s have pledged to match the first $50,000 raised in private donations. We are seeking the support of the community in helping us reach this $50,000 goal by the end of 2022. Since the inception of this scholarship program, private donors and businesses have already contributed over $35,000!

The Faulkton Area Medical Center and the FAMC Foundation are together, planning for the future healthcare needs of Faulkton area. The long-term goal of this partnership is to create a perpetual funding source, approximately $1,000,000, for future doctors that will undoubtedly be needed to continue to provide healthcare services at Faulkton Area Medical Center.

Contact us at (605) 598-1144 for more information.

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