Our Mission

Faulkton Area Medical Center Mission

The goal of the Faulkton Area Medical Center is to provide the appropriate level of healthcare on the continuum that is efficient and effective in order to achieve the best health for those we serve.

Vision Statement

Faulkton Area Medical Center’s vision is for our community to achieve optimal health through unparalleled compassion, service and trust.

Values Statement


I – Integrity. I will act with a high moral principle. I will adhere to the highest professional standards.
C- Compassion. I will be empathetic to all needs, listen and serve with kindness.
A – Accountability. I will be responsible for my actions.
R – Respect. I will treat everyone with dignity (as if they were my loved ones).
E – Excellence. Strive for the highest quality. Our best is the standard. To maintain, we continue to seek improvements and work together.
S – Smile. I will greet everyone with a warm, welcoming smile.