When suddenly faced with an unexpected injury or illness, most people tend to want to do something about it right now!  They will seek out some sort of medical care and generally expect some sort of treatment.   Our Modern society has often turned to medicines to help heal the body as fast as possible.   It is estimated that 75% of citizens in the United States at any given time take prescription or over the counter medicines or herbal supplements.  

Sometimes, as in the case of antibiotics for bacterial infection, this is good.  Sometimes, as in the case of taking a pill for every symptom that ails you, this can be very bad!  Prescription medications can interact with each other and over the counter products.  They can have dangerous side effects.  The more pills that a person takes, generally the more harm that can occur.  Some statistics show that one in three hospitalizations in people over age 75 is caused by harmful side effects from medications. 

If you are faced with a sudden unexpected injury or illness, please do not ignore it.  Work with your medical provider to come up with the best plan of action to diagnose and treat it.  Many health-care practitioners can teach you to work with your body’s natural repair mechanisms and avoid or limit medications or herbs.  Sometimes medication IS the best and safest option, and your medical provider can work with you to limit side effects and harm.   

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