Happy Father’s Day!  June is men’s health month.  This month we take a little extra time to learn about illnesses that seem to affect men more than women.  Men and women are equally affected by Heart disease, the number one killer of people in the United States.  But did you know men are more prone than women to getting most types of cancer?  Men are more likely to develop prostate, lung, colon, melanoma, pancreas, blood cancers, and many other types of cancer. Men are also more likely to get brain tissue diseases, such as Parkinson’s or Lou Gehrig’s.   

While it is unknown why men get these diseases more often than women, it is expected that they are exposed to more cancer-causing and brain tissue damaging agents over time.  Harmful agents include:  Eating more sugar, processed or smoked foods, and fat; Eating less fruit and vegetables; Drinking more alcohol and using nicotine; Avoiding sunscreen and other sun-protective factors; Exposure to more harmful chemicals at work.  

Participate in Men’s Health Month by wearing BLUE the Friday before Father’s Day.  Make the loved father or man in your life a healthy meal.  Commit to healthy lifestyle changes. Go for daily walks. Men can schedule a clinic appointment to review general health and discuss heart disease and cancer risks. 

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