Swing Bed is a Medicare program that allows patients to receive skilled care services once they no longer require acute hospitalization. Swing Bed allows extra time for the patient to recuperate before returning home. The patient can remain in the hospital after their acute stay to continue IV medications, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound care and/or other skilled cares. This allows the patient to continue needed services that are not available in the patient’s home. To receive Medicare Swing Bed skilled care benefits, the patient must have at least 3 consecutive days of ACUTE care within the past 30 days, the patient must be medically stable, and must need a daily skilled service related to that stay.

The goal of Swing Bed is to treat the condition, have the patient regain strength and independence, and return to their own home.

FAMC can accept patients from outside facilities also. Orthopedic surgeries, illnesses, and other conditions are all candidates for short term rehab with a Swing Bed stay. The Social Worker at the outside facility will work with the FAMC staff to discuss the patient’s needs, stability, and appropriateness for Swing Bed. The 2 facility’s staff will work together to arrange the transfer to FAMC when appropriate for the patient.

Swing Bed is considered a short-term stay. The average length of stay is generally 1-2 weeks. Each patient, condition, and skilled needs differ. These determine the length of stay. If the patient requires a stay longer than 20 days, a long- term care facility may be more appropriate.

While the patient is on Swing Bed status, the staff will review their condition frequently. To remain eligible for Swing Bed, the patient must have a skilled need such as an IV medication or participating with therapy and making progress by reaching new goals. Once these are completed, the patient will no longer qualify to stay and will be assisted with plans to return to their own home. If the patient is unable to safely return to their own home, staff will assist with alternative living plans.

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