South Dakota’s Emergency Medical System (EMS) could not function without people who provide immediate care to injured or critically ill patients. Anyone arriving on the scene of an accident, which assists an injured person in any way, is considered a “First Responder”.  First responders generally contact 9-11 and give support to an injured person until additional help arrives.  Anyone who travels frequently in Rural SD should consider taking CPR, Stop the Bleed, and Naloxone administration courses!  You could be the next First Responder!  

At the volunteer and professional level, EMT’s are next line of defense for an injured person.  Their job is to assess the safety and severity of a situation and arrange for transport.   EMT’s maintain a secure airway, control external bleeding, extricate (with additional help of law enforcement or fire departments) and immobilize the patient with cervical collar and backboard, and transport to the closest appropriate facility.   EMT’s take a 110-hour training course and a National Certification test.  They maintain their certificate by participating in monthly online education classes.  

Faulk County Ambulance is working with Paramedics and Doctors in Spink and Hand counties to offer an EMT class in Faulkton from January to March 2022.  Benefits to you will be $1500 to spend on time, course materials, daycare, etc., and the satisfaction of knowing that you are improving the well-being of your community.  If you have ever considered volunteering on the Ambulance, now is the time to act!  We cannot continue to have volunteer EMS services without you!   

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