Faulkton Area Medical Center’s Rural Health Clinic has offered Childhood Vaccines since 2019! These baby shots are essential to protect your child’s health into the future. FAMC Clinic works with the State of SD to ensure you have the most appropriate vaccines for your child, at the most appropriate time. If you do not have insurance or your insurance company doesn’t cover vaccinations, they may be available to you free or reduced charge.

Are your shots up to date? For both children and adults, FAMC Electronic Medical Record (EMR) allows us to keep track of immunizations efficiently. Once we have record of a particular immunization, it is downloaded to the SD State Vaccine website and be available to review at a moment’s notice by any medical facility in South Dakota. FAMC also works with the Faulk County Community Health Nurses’ office for vaccines for children and adolescents. Adult immunizations are available from various sources, including Faulkton Drug; but are generally prescribed by your Primary Medical Provider.

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