The FAMC Therapy Department provides therapy to people of all ages including infants and children. Services can be provided in our outpatient clinic or in partnership with State’s Birth to Three program and the Faulkton School District. Occupational and Physical Therapists can assess motor development and provide interventions to help children develop their motor skills. The roles of a physical therapist and occupational therapist overlap significantly, especially with infants and children. Both therapies look at muscle tone, strength and endurance, and flexibility to help a child participate in normal activities of childhood. Occupational therapy often focuses on increasing fine motor and visual motor skills that help a child learn to write, color, open containers, zip and button. Physical therapists often focus on mobility and gross motor skills that help a child learn to crawl, walk, jump, and run. Both Occupational and Physical Therapists recommend a wide variety of play activities to engage children in fun activities that have the added benefit of improving their motor skills.

If you feel your child is not meeting developmental milestones, check out the CDC’s developmental milestone article at There is also an app available for your phone to track your child’s development, the Milestone Tracker app. As always, Faulkton Area Medical Center is here to help. Talk to your primary care provider about developmental milestones. If there are concerns, your child may be referred for a developmental evaluation in the Therapy Department.

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