The last three medical minutes have addressed risk factors associated with heart disease: cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes.  The following two medical minutes will address two additional risk factors: smoking and vaping.  It’s important to decrease risk factors for heart disease, and other chronic disease.  But the path to good health does not stop there.

There are other lifestyle factors contributing to heart health that are often overlooked.  Stress level and emotions strongly affect physical health.  One study showed that 50% of people with heart disease who reported feeling isolated with no one to confide in died within 5 years, compared to 17% of patients with a support person.  Also, anger has been shown to increase the risk of hear attack by 230%.

A holistic approach to heart health includes nutrition, fitness, stress management, and love and support to heal the heart, body, and soul.  Studies of holistic programs have proven that even severe heart disease can be helped.   A 9-week class focusing on improving nutrition, fitness, stress management, and social support led to lower blood pressures, weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, and improved sense of well-being.  In addition, almost 90% of participants maintained a healthier lifestyle for years following the class.

Eliminate your risk for heart disease by managing your cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes.  Stop or do not start smoking and vaping.  Don’t forget to look for ways to improve your nutrition, fitness, stress management, and social support.  FAMC is here to help.  If you are unsure where to start, discuss these options with one of our healthcare professionals.

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