With the warmer months quickly approaching, you will see more and more children and adults on their bikes. It is a fun and safe way to get outside with your family and friends. However, with the fun of biking comes the danger of falling or even getting hit by a nearby vehicle 

There are many ways to keep cyclists around you safe. Always stay alert to the road before you, and DO NOT drive distracted. Even glancing at your phone for 1 second can decrease response time, and you may not see the cyclist right in front of you. Be respectful of the people who share the road with you on their bikes. Sidewalks are not always available, especially in small towns, so many cyclists must ride on the road even though they may not want to. As a driver, you need to be respectful of their space.  

As a cyclist, there are many things that you can do as well to stop accidents before they happen. The number one tip many will give you is BE VISIBLE. Drivers may not expect to see you on the road, so they will not be alert to this specific hazard. Make sure to wear neon or fluorescent clothing when riding during the day. When possible, make sure to bike during the day and when you must ride at night, wear reflective clothing and attach a flashing light to your bike.  

Now that drivers and cyclists know common ways to stay safe on these beautiful spring days let’s put this into practice. Safety is always the number one priority. 

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