The last few medical minutes have focused on the changing pace of healthcare in the United States.  We have explored the changes that allow each person to oversee their own health:  educating themselves and choosing healthy behaviors over a life span.  We have also seen that FAMC is using Primary Care Providers and ancillary staff to assist local people and families with the technology and services that have been shown beneficial for overall health.  In addition to physician and medical provider care of patients, Healthcare in the United States is also expanding to include helping people to manage their lives better in their home and in their local communities.  This so called “Social Determinants of Health” are markers of social conditions that are important for good health throughout a person’s lifespan.  Some of the important markers of health in wealthy countries, such as the US include good early childhood development, good quality education, rewarding work with some degree of autonomy, decent housing, and a clean and safe living environment.  Social participation and control over one’s own life are other important personal markers of health.    

Most of these social determinants of health are currently being addressed by various Government, Business, and Volunteer civic-minded organizations in Faulk County and the surrounding area.  There is always room for improvement.  FAMC sends out surveys every 3 years to assist in the hospital’s assessment of Community needs. We will continue to work with other entities to continue to improve the health and well-being in our local communities.

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