Within the walls of the Faulkton Area Medical Center, we continue to try to strive to maintain coordination of your medical care.  We do not want you to HAVE to manage your own health throughout your lifespan unless that is your choice.  Each individual medical provider can work with you to prevent illnesses by including adult and pediatric wellness visits.  We can help with finding out a correct diagnosis for medical illness, finding a correct treatment plan, working with specialists in your care, and managing your hospitalizations if they come up.  We currently do not provide Obstetrical or Specialized Surgical care.  We do offer EGD, Colonoscopy, and skin procedures.  We also have excellent ancillary staff and programs, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Cardiac Rehab, Health and Wellness Programs, CPR classes for the community, Registered Dietician, Hospital Pharmacist, Immunizations for Adults and Children.  We have a full-service Lab and X-ray departments, including CAT Scan.  We have Outreach Physicians, including weekly Chiropractic care, Telemedicine Physicians (see a doctor over the computer), including expert E-emergency (over a specialized computer) 24/7.  We perform Nuclear Medicine diagnostic tests monthly, weekly Ultrasound and Echocardiograms, twice monthly Mammograms and monthly DEXA scans (bone density). These specialized tests are read by Cardiologist, Radiologist, and trained local physicians.  There are many other programs and resources available within the walls of FAMC and within the Faulkton Community.  If you have other needs or resources to share, please let us know!  

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