As people get older, health concerns sometimes become overwhelming.  A trusted Healthcare Provider can help you keep your health as stable as possible.  You can do your part by bringing a checklist of your concerns to your doctor’s appointments. These are some ideas to get you started.  Do you have any concerns about your health? Are your cancer screens and other preventative healthcare maintenance exams up to date? Have you seen your eye doctor and dentist? Do you have any special health needs (special diet, use of a walker or cane, recent falls) that your doctor needs to know about? Have you thought about your wishes for healthcare, if you should suddenly be at the end of your life, and have you made those wishes known to your family? What makes you feel healthy? How much exercise are you willing to do each week to keep healthy? What harmful habits do you need to give up for your health? Are you getting enough rest each night? How do you manage stress? How does stress affect your body? What gives your life meaning and purpose? What does healthy mean to you? It is important for patients to remember that the time spent in the doctor’s office is only a small part of their overall health care. Agreeing with your provider regarding your therapies is important and it is up to you to carry out those therapies when you leave the doctor’s office.  

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