Healthcare in the United States of America has undergone a huge transition in the last 40 years, with the pace of change accelerating.  Gone are the days when your doctor has known you your whole life and tells you what to do at various stages of your life to keep you heathy.  The days where your doctor will be the same person you see to have your babies, take care of those babies in clinic, help you manage your blood pressure, take care of your later hospitalization for pneumonia, surgically remove your appendix, walk you through your cancer diagnosis, and help you transition from independent living to nursing home care are mostly gone.  General practitioners are extremely hard to find. Now it is your responsibility to keep yourself healthy.  When you are ill or need help, you need to reach out to a clinic or hospital or doctor or health-care community and find resources that will help you to reach your health goals.  The next few medical minutes will outline more of Health-Care Transitions, along with providing you with information about resources that are available to you in the Faulkton Area.   

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