Every time you and your doctor discuss taking a new medical test or procedure, you should discuss it thoroughly until you understand what you are agreeing to.  Medical tests (lab, x-ray, CT Scan, colonoscopy, etc.) help you and your doctor decide on a correct diagnosis.  Medical procedures (surgeries or medications, such as gall-bladder removal, hip replacement, chemotherapy) help to treat what is wrong with you. Medical Tests and Procedures can also be very expensive and may not necessarily be needed.  

Here are some good questions to ask:  

Do I really need this test or procedure? Will my condition get better or worse if I don’t have the test or procedure right away? What happens if I don’t do anything? What are the risks of the test or procedure? Will there be side effects? What are the chances of getting results that aren’t accurate? Could that lead to more testing or another procedure? Are there simpler, safer options?  How much does this test or procedure cost?  Are there less-expensive options?  

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